CITROËN BERLINGO It's not personal, it's just business



Birth of a Legend

Launched in 1996, the CITROËN Berlingo was the first small van of its kind. A commercial van with a special, integrated body style combining looks and functionality. From its innovative debut to the present day, the CITROËN Berlingo has never stopped moving forward.

Now, the Berlingo has been enhanced with new creative technology features including a 7″ touchscreen, reverse camera, Apple CarPlay® / Android Auto® with voice control to make your van even more like a mobile office.



The CITROËN Berlingo range now comes standard with a 7” multifunction touchscreen which incorporates a reverse camera, Apple CarPlay® / MirrorLink™.  Enhancing your mobile office, the Berlingo offers autonomous in-car smart phone integration for compatible phones and apps. The main benefit of the system is the enhanced safety as you don’t have to touch your phone while using either system, along with mirroring your phone’s satnav on the large touchscreen display.


You’re in unexplored territory with the CITROËN Berlingo’s load cabin and super-flexible capacity. Up to 850kg payload and seriously useful 4.1 cubic metres of inner space, you’ll be amazed at what you can fit in this small van.



The Berlingo is available with three engines:

  • 72kW 1.6 petrol (L1 short body only)
  • 66kW 1.6 HDi turbo diesel (L2 long body manual only)
  • 73kW 1.6 BlueHDi turbo diesel with Stop & Start (L2 long body semi-automatic only)